Watch Emirates Airbus A380 land in 10 new cities in 2015

The Emirates A380 will fly to over 40 cities in this  year

Simple 3d Jelly Cake Making


Hatts off for this policemen

Yes she is creative caring.

Very creative and smart mom. she should be applauded for that creative thinking
Good job...its good to see some caring moms are still around!
whether it is her invention or no the issue. She is a smart mom alright, Hats off, lady.
this is smart and comfortable for the mom..if a child could speak one day in this age...u will know the truth...

So this is what we do with 10,000 spare iPhone 5s

its crazy!
just think of how much was spent in each of these devices, already feel a tightness in the chest

This is how India Inspires the world

absolutely beautiful. . Indian culture ! the best
Brilliant - no words to describe this performance.
Music is UNIVERSAL. This presentation shows that our music is suitable for any culture.
Incredible India and wonderful dancers.. Amazing dance piece
Simply Wao

This what we call dancing on the ice wa beautiful

When Indian folk music is really Bollywood item number lol
Amazing the best ice skating dance even
Is excellent but really... "Indian folk music???"

The moment a mini tornado swallowed a car

When your wife want to check your cell ??

It's really Shocked magic

Real Truck Show

Amor de madre

What is this ? This is a Car LOL

Challenge for girls, accept the challenge?

Watch FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid Live Stream